ISSN 1016-1007 GPN2005600032
頁數:1﹣52 從愛河左岸邂逅到行動數位化妝舞會:高雄年長男同志的地緣社會網絡關係演進之初探 From An Encounter on the Left Bank of the Love River to A Digital Mobile Masquerade: An Exploratory Study on the Evolution of the Geo-social Relationships of Elderly Gay Men in Kaohsiung
Cheng-Nan Hou
年長男同志、地緣社會網絡關係、社會支持、社會網 絡型社交應用程式、高雄、Scruff
elderly gay men, geo-social relationships, Kaohsiung, Scruff, social networking app, social support
This research starts from the perspective of the geo-social relationships, takes the interpretation of territorial embeddedness, societal embeddedness, and network embeddedness as the cores of an analysis, and then with the background of communication network technology usage outlines each life course of gay space, life experience, and social support. Through Scruff, a social network-based social application, the study queries eight interviewees to explore the meaning of the Kaohsiung gay community ecology and living space under the evolution of the current times via purposive sampling. The interviewees previously had the desire to meet someone attractive in the dark space when being young, went through the nostalgic era of looking for gay friends on the left bank of the Love River with the laborers, and also experienced the urban gay culture when joined by American soldiers and foreign sailors. However, with the evolution of communication technology, they started to present themselves in a conservative and cautious way like a masquerade through online interaction and have sought companions under the condition of aesthetic homogeneity. The real-time communication between the proximity of the Internet and location allows multiple overlapping of physical and virtual dating spaces. In addition to presenting the geographical location space interwoven by “socio-sexualized” behaviors and finally gaining positive social support by actually appearing and communicating with each other, the elderly gay men have gradually gotten rid of the negative stereotypes of social isolation. Furthermore, because of the legality of gay marriage, it was originally only supported by virtual or private physical space, but has now expanded to legal social support at the social and national levels. After same-sex friends can legally become partners, this has importantly reversed the phenomenon that friends are more important than partners in past heterosexual marriages. Such comprehensive levels of social support are still not available in other Asian countries, and the legal gay marriage phenomenon shows the value of this LGBTQ research on elderly gay men in Kaohsiung.
2021/ 冬