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頁數:113﹣166 差異收穫模式與交叉壓力的結合:
以2018年嘉義縣市長選舉為例 Integration of the Differential Gains Model and Cross Pressure: The Case of the 2018 Mayoral Elections in Chiayi County and Chiayi City
Yun-Ching Tsai, Song-In Wang
cross pressure, differential gains model, political discussion, political participation, willingness to vote
Active political discussion is one of the motives for crafting a mature democracy. Previous studies have tested the differential gains model to explain the complexity of political engagement in face-to–face conversations, traditional mass media, and online interactions, presenting research results in which offline and computer-mediated interpersonal communication, such as online chatting, moderates the effects of political news on political participation. The term “cross-pressure” is utilized in studies of political behavior to refer to an individual’s experience of conflicting (rather than reinforcing) influences across a range of salient considerations. Early studies found that cross-pressured citizens are less enthusiastic about politics, more uncertain about their vote preferences, and less likely to participating in voting than those citizens subject to reinforcing political influences. The present study examines the interactional effects of media use and political discussions on voters’ political participation and willingness to vote by adopting the differential gains model and cross pressure theory during the 2018 mayoral elections in Chiayi County and Chiayi City. A telephone survey was conducted one month before the Election Day, in which 534 and 543 random samples were collected in Chiayi County and Chiayi City, respectively. The results showed that the interaction between online media use and interpersonal political discussion significantly predicts political participation both in Chiayi County and Chiayi City, whereas the interaction between traditional media use and interpersonal political discussion significantly predicts willingness to vote both in Chiayi County and Chiayi City. In addition, the moderating effect of interpersonal cross-pressure is significant in Chiayi City, but not in Chiayi County. This paper also discusses implications and recommendations for future research.
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